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This song is by Dekapitator and appears on the album We Will Destroy... You Will Obey!!! (1999).

He has come for you, it is too late to run away
You know your death is certain
And you will die today
He knows no mercy, he shows no remorse
He will take your life, under his mighty sword
Say goodbye... today you die

Faceripper! [6x]

You stand and fight, as the onslaught begins
But it's too late
Because you know that he wins
So scream out in horror, just before you die
And The last thing you see, is the gleam in his eye
Say goodbye... today you die hahaha

Faceripper! [6x]

All across the wasteland
His name is spoken in fear
Faceless corpses are everywhere
Faceripper draws near

He came for you, it was too late to run away
You knew your death was certain
And you died today
You screamed out in horror
Just before you died
The last sight you saw
Was the gleam in his eye...
Said goodbye... today you died

Faceripper! [6x]