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Rhythm & Rule (Reasons to Live)

This song is by Deja Vu.

Didn't you say
There's nothing as important as love
So why can't you see
That this I show it's meant to be

*The memory of you
Has captured my heart again
I'm falling for you
'Cause this is how it's meant to be

There is no comfort, no freedom or healing
I need someone to believe in me, to love me

**You are my reason to live
I'm helpless without you
I need you to show me
You've given me strength to go on
Stand on my own, stand on my own, as one

These tears that have fallen, have not
Have not been in vain
'Cause in time they will all dry

Strangers who meet, they seek love on the screen
Afraid to speak their mind
Hiding from the stormy skies
Holding on to their dream
The fantasy that can never be
Afraid and alone
That's not how it should be

With your help these tears will dry
And I'll be with you again
You have given me my strength

My reason to live, my reason to live, my reason to live...



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