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Compilation by various artists.
CD 1 (DJ Rabauke)
  1. Intro by Deiner
  2. Kabeljau Inferno by Deichkind
  3. Freaks by F.A.B.
  4. Dein Herz Schlägt Schneller by Fünf Sterne Deluxe
  5. Pures Gift by Dynamite Deluxe
  6. 1-2-3-4 by Kinderzimmer Productions
  7. Im Zeichen Des Freaks by Ferris MC (featuring DJ Stylewarz)
  8. Supa Stah by Doppelkopf
  9. Top Priority by Easy Business
  10. Nichtsnutz by Massive Töne
  11. Rapstar by Lyroholika
  12. Sounds Für's Auditorium by Main Concept
  13. Fenster Zum Hof by Stieber Twins
  14. Eimsbush Style by Mr. Schnabel (featuring Samy Deluxe)
  15. The Rise by Walkin' Large
  16. Rock On by Beginner
  17. Balance by Doppelkopf
  18. Oft Wunder Ich Mich by Total Chaos
CD 2 (DJ 5ter Ton)
  1. Intro by DJ 5ter Ton
  2. U Want Money by Cover
  3. Plus Le Monde by Def Bond (featuring Freeman and K. Rhyme Le Roi)
  4. Freestyle by Black Moon
  5. Nou Nous by Breite Seite
  6. Thunder & Lightning by Defari (featuring Xzibit and Tash)
  7. Doppeltes Risiko by Curse (featuring Stieber Twins)
  8. Comeback by STF
  9. And What by Kardinal Offishall
  10. Taler, Taler by Skills En Masse
  11. What Ya Want by Ruff Ryders
  12. All Areas by Deine Quelle
  13. Heiß Wie Feuer by DJ Stylewarz (featuring Torch and D-Flame)
  14. Partner (Teil 2) by Creutzfeld & Jakob
  15. Gedankenflashflowsnacks by Main Concept
  16. Vogelperspektive by Eins Zwo
  17. Outro by DJ 5ter Ton

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