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Never Be Awaken

This song is by Deimos and appears on the album Never Be Awaken (2004).

I'm standing here and sunny rays... burning my eyes
'Round me trembling grass and little mice... diggin' their holes
I can go anywhere
Dreaming dreams instead
Make a rest at waterfall
I may fall asleep
Elves won't disagree
They will sing a lullaby

Entombed alive with mournful cries
I catch you - you'll be mine
You have to say good bye to your life
To enter the darkened paradise

I started to fall on my knees... with magical sounds
And it seems to me like I'm lyin' here... on the fields of dreams
Elves will come to me
Take me by the hand
Lead me to their feast
Flames are rising high
Sounds like pouring wine
I should never be awaken

Inherited to bury on (the) fields of immortal
For aeons till the dawn
And may be you wonder who am I, I tell you
I'm carrying the silver-horned crown.

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