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Last Light Flashes

This song is by Deimos and appears on the album Never Be Awaken (2004).

For the sun to rise waiting all your life
Pay for once has done the indulgent price

You ready to live this life... you ready to pay the price
Born under immortal skies... you have no fear to die

Your life is laid to waste... unable to create
You tryin' to forget... but memory remains

In an ancient time you'd been put to die
But now another rules, there's no chance to try

You sinner and born in sin
You loser, but want to win
Don't blame me - it's your own fault
You listen, but who's to talk

To be what you want to be... to see what you'd like to see
To try just to save your skin... and live in a misery
Down in your sins forlorn... damn with your thoughts alone
Under immortal skies... now it is time to die... die... die...

You ready to live again
You wanna use this chance
But never a day you'll see
You damned by the memory.

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