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In Winter

This song is by Deimos and appears on the album Never Be Awaken (2004).

Sense of the emptiness... Breeding in endless grey
In the eternal dark... Shadows of yesterday

Near is the innocent dawn of the day
Sunbeams will carry the troubles away
Cold snow embrace of the winter'll melt dawn
One of your senses forever unbound
Life out of pleasure and death out of pain
You will ignore that but somewhen again
You'll meet someone somewhere and feel like I do
Just call my name and I will tell you the truth

Year by year the some as now... Winter's coming from above
With it's wordless snow white fields... it engraves what autumn weaves

(With) falling snow my dreams will melt... I scream with autumn last leaf felt
Feel the power (of) cold blood frost... And the last light flash is lost,

I can not see the light I can not bear this sight... Winter has killed...
...All that I lived, all that I blessed, all that I waited for
...Winter has killed, winter has crushed with it's reinforcing frost
...Emtiness filled my inner being and I decided to
Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn this through

This is dying autumn song... there is nothing could be wrong
There's no power in the world... Can ignore the winter cold.

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