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​Fountain Of Youth

This song is by Deifecation and appears on the album Reciprocreation (2004).

Being bullied as a child
In elementary school
By classmates with congenital disposition
During every break he was beaten into submission

After being buried alive in the sandpit
And his face got smeared with dog shit
The price for being set free,
Were his marbles* and his lunch money

This enthralling agony
Blunted him mentally
They moulded him into a monster
To become their worst enemy

Since that moment he is long forgotten
But this only works one way, his plans for them are rotten

His former classmates got spread out over society
All of them raising a family eventually
Making a study of their whereabouts and routines
For the sake of his upcoming misdemeans

Consulting his underworld friends
Where to buy semtex for his sickening plans
At night time he prepares their children's schoolyard
To cause a rain of limbs and chunks of meat
To land before the parents feet

(* All of you US-nu-death-metal-fans, replace "marbles" by "bey blades")