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​Fetushistic Ektokleptomaniac

This song is by Deifecation and appears on the album Reciprocreation (2004).

The consequence of my sick act

Fetushistic and sadistic
Deathtrimental inclination
Incited by infantastic
Unrelenting aggravation

Important is to
Pulverise the prenatals

Prone to prevent the birth of man
In the invitro laboratory
I steal as many as I can
At home things become pretty gory

Nothing beats a protein shake
Like the one I'm going to make
I wet my palate when I think ... of the
Scrambled fetus I'm about to drink

Gluttonously I gormandise the fresh fetal pulp
Chunky bits of what once was an animate being
My stomach hurts like hell of this feverish gulp
I feel my bowls fastly crumpling

Goddamned I spilled some mush over my shirt
Compelled to aggression as is with rabies
Suddenly I felt body fluid squirt
I have to drink more pre born babies

Wentle in this gore like a puppy
I am the happiest person that ever lived
My fetish crosses every boundary
I consider it a thrilling gift