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This song is by Deicide and appears on the album In The Minds Of Evil (2013).

Heaven reviled conspire deceit,
Revelled in heinous reward,
Wiping out missions who faltered and fiend,
Turning your back to the wants of the lord...
Destroying all Christians of faith and belief,
Plaguing infection and pain,
Taunting his vision for everything lost,
Collapse the world in a righteous display,

Impending death for partaking in blasphemy,
The end to all for he ones who will not believe,
Evading time and discard to entitlement,
A wailing wall of destruction of innocence...
Godkill, Godkill

Killing his own and avoiding defeat,
Ravage the word from his throne,
Willfully murder with conscious and ease,
Spilling the blood of the young and the old,
Slaughtered and scattered the end is imposed
Doomed by the rage of his grace,
Future of sorrow defending his name,
No one or nothing will ever be saved...

Destroy the will of a lord who waits your death
Bring forth the end to the threats and his sacraments.

Father far from hell,
Master of all, spare none of thy wrath,
Destroy this world...
Godkill, Godkill
Misery falling from heaven above,
Splendor exploding unfazed,
No more tomorrow impaled nazarene,

Bury the book and along with this name...
God and religion a future unknown,
Darkness uncovered his word,
Rebuke his call and expulsion of guilt,
Think for yourself and just do as thou wilt.

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