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Beyond Salvation

This song is by Deicide and appears on the album In The Minds Of Evil (2013).

The blood of Christ quenches my thirst...
Heavenly led, cast to the dead
If you believe the illusion
Died for your sins, dissension begins
The powers of Christ will repel you
Masses deceived, fall to temptation
Thorns on your head, welcome
Welcome to your death

We're beyond salvation
Below the reach of god
The end of all religion
To fight the war as one
Blasphemy, engaging in war
Rapture the whore

We're beyond salvation
Below the reach of god
Invert the false messiah
And desecrate the son
Deny the cross
Jesus has lost

Stopped and I stare, stones in the air
A witness to your execution
No one repents as they're watching you die
Death to the kingdom of heaven.

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