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Remnants Of The Dead

This song is by Defeated Sanity and appears on the album Prelude to the Tragedy (2004).

(Music: Teske / Gruber / Köhler; Lyrics: Keller / Teske)

Mutilated... to beast
Disarmed creature trying to escape
...From pain...
...Redeemed through the dead
...With fear...
...Burning eyes as the mirror of his hate
...Into dark...

Cover the disfigured corpse
As ordered by moments of alertness
Lasting a short time
Obsessed by demon's pride
Forces fixing his eyes on the cruelty he enjoyed

Blood-soaked clothes adorning his body
Remaining like the scars on his soul
Inflicted by humanity's ignorance

The darkest of all dreams
To be a part of the damn race
Victim of their game
Lost his life in suffering

Remnants of the deed
Removed by fire
Marked by humanity

Shadows of revenge
Dark visions before his eyes
Different forms of lifeless beings

Limits of human imagination
Winds of blood-freezing coldness
Forming a pictures of the innocent victim

Avoiding from obscurity's threat
To where he came from
The ruins of humity's blindness
Staring at death's face

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