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Butchered Identity

This song is by Defeated Sanity and appears on the album Psalms of the Moribund (2007).

Animals driven by their instinct having killed their ownder they now stray freely through the streets to seek revenge for years of oppression to satisy their lust for human meat.
Defeated on the ground this sickening creature above me tearing lumps of slesh from my entire body watching my own child being skinned throats butten through whole face is getting minced.
No object can be found to repulse the attacks as I try to push back 'em back with my hands they rip 'em up to miserable shreds.
Biting and growling killing machines products of human insanity natual instincts to prey trained to grotesque proportions.
Parts on my dead son are lying next to me his horrible screams died a minute ago animalistic infamous massacre inside brutally torn apart.
My baby gets bitten to a new disgusting gorm I wouldn't know it's my own I could not identify its eyeless sockets exposed to me.
They feast on limbs and organs as I cry for my own child they gnaw on my own genitals.
Razor sharp teeth are piercing my scrotum tearing at it till the nuts come outside these creatures now grinding my testibles brutal attacks on the cranium ripping the flesh from my cheekbone my blood flows into my eyes wishing that they reach the brain soon.
Awaiting my life's end unbearable pain to cease I feel the blackness devouring me.
Butchered identity.
My body gets bitten to a new disgusting form people finding my deformed corpse unable to identify.

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