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Apocalypse Of Filth Collapsing Human Failures

This song is by Defeated Sanity and appears on the album Prelude to the Tragedy (2004).

(Music: Gruber / Köhler; Lyrics: Keller / Gruber)

Drowning in shit
We are crushed by our decadence
Staggering in excessive pride
We didn't see the dark shadows
Coming above us
A heaven once blue
Now discolored by the blackness
Of the Human's souls
Realm of the maggots born
No parallels to the once healthy planet

Centuries of stupidity's domain
Cramming the planet with filth
Unable to remove...
Suffocation's prophecy becomes true
(...Collapsing human failures)
Unable to survive...
The own waste... mankind's undoing
(...Closing circle of stupidity's domain)

Rats and insects
The most resistant creatures
Swarming over our carcasses
Proclaimed as the superior species
Now defeated by the primitive beings
Human remains...
...Lost souls soaring
In the contaminated sphere
Destroyed environs...
...Controlled by creeping mutants

Reborn in remaining cruelty
Assemblage of the weeping souls
Replacing interrelations
Of breathing organisms
Spawned by the paralysis of
Human perception

Risen from the dead
To be the fittest to the filth's spreading
Devouring thoughts
Of being descended from
Creatures Causing the ruin

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