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Sachalin With A Smile

This song is by dEFDUMp and appears on the album Makeshift Polaris (2005).

The silver screen broadcasts format infotainment - the
Medium is the message and the message is lost
Or how Baghdad is becoming Hollywood. How the world
Turns to Sachalin with a smile
And how the company owns more rights than a human life
How people kill, we kill what we don't know and how
They sell it in a TV show
What world have we come to live in - what dreams are
Left to be dreamt? It's window shopping for the bold as
A confession to the beautiful
It's pret - a - porter for the ugly - It's fashion for
The faithful white collars, the grey suits of
Privatised emperialism
What when they come for your effigies, what when they
Come for your families
What when they call you an enemy and when they come for your home
Is this the world we've come to live in, Is this the
Life that you've been dreaming of - whoever we are
Whatever we do
We cannot calculate the time that's left for us to
Live. We have little choice left but to live the lives
We were born into.
You don't chose your family, you don't chose your
Friends, you don't chose the colour of your skin,
We don't chose our cast, we don't chose our burden, we
Just somehow get there and then we have to make it through.

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