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This song is by Default and appears on the album The Fallout (2001).

It hangs on a wall,
Museum hall
As it calls to passers by,
A picture so bright,
Seen without light,
And nobody wonders why.

A tired old man
Stares on the wall,
Says, "The colour's blindin' me."
How could he see,
Anything at all?
Since he's got no eyes to see.

It's not too faded,
Still see the colour coming through.
It's not too jaded,
The more you look, the more you see.

Years tick away
Colours turn grey
But the man's still standing there
Once asked him why,
He said, "Cause' I
Am the last one here who cares"
Told me the mind
Will show you more
If you only set it free
He closed the door
I closed my eyes--
That's when I began to see.

It's not too faded
Can still see the colour coming through
It's not too jaded.
The more you look, the more you see
It's not too faded
Oh Oh Oh
It's not too faded
The more you look the more you see

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