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All She Wrote

This song is by Default and appears on the album Elocation (2003).

Something's wrong with your mind.
It won't think of me anymore.
Was it all a waste of time?
Tell me why was I such a chore?
Broken bottles empty.
Cut my mouth so I can't say.

Today was that day.
It was that time.
And that was all the she wrote for me.
You fell away.
I don't know why.
And that was all that she wrote for me.

Lying here in your bed.
The one that you liked to do it in.
Pieces of long brown hair
Are all over it and still in my brain
I can't explain
What it's like not knowing if I'll ever cross your mind.


Sleep through the day.
Fight through the night.
Seven AM and the TV is white.
Covered in snow.
I never knew that hell could get so cold.

(Chorus x2)

Something's wrong with your mind.
It won't figure me anymore.
Was it all a waste of time?

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