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This song is by Deerhunter and appears on the album Monomania (2013).

I'm not mad about anything
You forced on me a hopeless dream
I've been looking for one true thing
Too numb to see I'd been sleepwalking

Too horrified to see

When a decade doesn't get you down
You're flying now but you'll come back down
And with both your feet on the ground
You'll look around, yeah you'll look around

Too horrified to see

I'd been looking for some harmonies
Some words to sing that could really bring
The lonely hearted some company
All the people that were just like me, yeah
When a decade is spent searching
For something time will never bring
Something starts to shut down inside
My body and my tired mind

Too horrified to see

Can't you see
Your heart is hard now
Your heart is hard now
Can't you see
We've grown apart now
We've grown apart now

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