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This song is by Deerhunter and appears on the album Monomania (2013).

Take me on the trip, man
I'll never get sick
Take me wherever you go
And I won't complain along the way
Well I've been waiting so long
To say bye bye! bye!
This town ain't give me nothing but
Bald head and trouble

Well if it can't be better
If it can't be tried
Doesn't matter much boy
And I will dry my eyes
I could be your boyfriend
Or I could be your shame
Till I see your eyes and
They're filled with pain

I came from the delta down to the bay
Well I came round from the delta right through plain
Right through the plains

I came from the delta
Down to the plains
When I got back home
There was nothing I'd arranged
The woman that I love had
Took another man
Well nothing ever ends up
Quite like what you planned

Take me to the central station
And I'll jump on board of that bus the long way
Time to take my trip
Give me that ticket man

Straight to Pensacola

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