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Big House

This song is by Deer Tick and appears on the album Negativity (2013).

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It's a big house, with all these things you're so unsure of
In a big world, with all these things you've never heard of
Fix me up now, if it seems that I need fixin'
And correct me, if I stand to be corrected

It's a sad song, with all these words you've heard enough of
It's a cliff walk, with only one side you want to fall on
Lift me up now, let me walk amongst the gifted
If I'm asking too much, it's just please to be comforted

Every morning when you mean, that you'll keep your hands clean
And it's running down your arms, casting shadows on your heart
You showed me how to die, put a price on how to cry
You showed me how to tie, I'll just catch you by and by

It's a deep hole, that you dug with all your lyin'
It's a flag pole, and you don't know how low it's flyin'
The saviors need the saving, when they show you how they're spineless
The lovers need the let down, or they'll figure out you're heartless

Every morning when you mean, that you'll keep your hands clean
It's running down your arms, oh it's tearin' you apart
You spoke into the sky, and you've lied a million times
You showed me how to die, I guess I'll catch you on the other side

Music by:

John J. McCauley III

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