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Music For The Soul

This song is by Deepspace 5 and appears on the album Bake Sale (2008).

[Freddie B]
I use to love her, like I'll never forget her
It's Fred B. wearing that V for vendetta
My mic sounds nice, running life through the finish line
Giving it my all for all ya'll when I'm getting mine
Nail in the coffin of the fallen child
Outcast wanna hear it loud cause I'm idle while
Iron claw to your jabber jaw, known to keep it raw
See-saw, inconsistent raps, it should be a law
Freddie ???????, fans look for the finisher
Keep up with the tide or just ride with your minister
You one trick ponies are phonies and your miserable
You say you got soul but your spirit ain't visible
Third string bench rider wanna meet the all star
Can't fit the shoes nor reach where we set the bar
Reservoir full, overflowing with that good news
Fighting for the music and it's freedom if you so choose

It's real music ya'll
(Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)

[Sev Statik]
I'm hit you where you hide your lies
Bring it out with the right rhymes
Kill that noise, no disguise
Revolution writing, we fighting ourselves
You can call it gospel rap, whatever with that
We pushing good news, labels and titles is all wack
It's like one two,
No mercy when we ignore His call
This is music for the soul
Carnivores on mics, we keep it raw

(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)

I'm an old soul, holding the knowledge it's feeling illustrated
Pages on the illest ???? stages and these ???? races
Places I ain't been in ages with my thinning patience
Faded off the minutes thinking later based on simple basics
When I penetrate the paper, weight it down
Ancient civilization cross town to hang around
Make a sound sound better, Doug Day pound the drums out
Free throw line rhyming now, hanging my tongue out
Southeast space deep spitter, quick to represent a
Greater way of living when we take it to your epicenter
Hotter than Hells Kitchen even in the dead of winter
Make it for the inner man it's something that you best remember
Get a little bit of what I'm giving back
We can hit these candy rappers in the shell until it cracks
Elevate the higher learning but we teach on any track
Started with the mind so your soul can piggyback
Now. . .

(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)
(Music. Music for the soul)

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