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Chain Fight

This song is by Deepspace 5 and appears on the album Bake Sale (2008).

[Freddie B]
Sixty feet underwater grasping for breathe
Or in the Sierra in quicksand over my chest
The worst way to go for me is laying in pain
Dying in vain, or have Christ not on my name
Defending my fam from a home invasion
Or giving in to lust by the devil's persuasion
The last thing I wanna do is leave in sin
Believe in men? Your faith's sealed once you begin
Not seeing my daughter grow to marry her beloved
Or see my son mature in the life that he covets
Or maybe not knowing is a quest in itself
A mission of stealth, the unknown's taking your health

Hands back, tethered to a metal chair, bent apart
A villains in my ear, spitting evil everywhere
Los Vegas basement staring at vacant faces
With a devil-made ??? boss walking paces
Caught palming aces trying to make a big score
Didn't recognize the game got fixed for other players
Waiting for another shock from the car battery clamp
To whoever they think this gonna stagger me [?]
Slow death, it's no intelligence gathering [?]
Dying for nothing in hands and do it casually
Don't let me die out living for thrills
Faster than you can say, "Kill or be killed"

(Once I lived the life)
(D-d-due to the fact that death is a must)
(Ashes to ashes and dust to dust)
(Once I lived the life)
(A-at your funeral your moms p-praying)
(Hold on to it until the eagle grins)

I got my shirt off right now...
Fears of my death, I ain't came but one
I'm too hard for, I ain't afraid of nada
Man, I can write a whole list but why waste my rhyme
Plus I've been shot eleven-teen times (hah)
Man, I'm in a crew with some pansies
Making the bandzies [?]
Some more hog-dansies who wore ya'lls panties [?]
Some DJ Mannys', Sintax' and Listeners'
My Deepspace brothers looking more like sisters
While I'll be missed, death don't phase me
Cause I'm way too busy and I'm too OG
Plus the day I pass on I'm be finally be
Selling records and providing for my family

I'm on a plane, putting a pen to a change
Just waiting to connect with my Deepspace gang
Late with some raps, not trying to let it hang
While I sit and reminiscence over some songs that we sang
They ask for some lyrics so I better make them bang
Or ??? will blast me with speed knocks like Liu Kang [?]
Dust did the track and really did his thang
But if I spit a wack verse he'll give me nuggies to disdain
Dang, Fred's mad and he never ate lunch
Remember what he did to that kid named Deluxe
He finished him like crunch 'n munch, never even blinked
Nah, just making jokes to help you laugh while you think

(Once I lived the life)
(D-d-due to the fact that death is a must)
(Ashes to ashes and dust to dust)
(Dust to dust. Dust to dust)
(Hold on to it until the eagle grins)

The worst way to die would be bored to death
Laying stiff as a board with no heart left
I don't. . . wanna die
But when I go just start live my life
The worst way to die would be bored to death
Without love in my heart that's a horrible death
I know. . . I'm gonna try
With my arms stretched out I'll surely fly

So many ways to die, I gotta list 'em
Five top fears of not staying alive
Number one is simultaneous occasion
Of the next four fears in any combination
Number two is what they do to a dude behind bars
If you look as good as me in jumpsuit orange
Number three, getting mauled by a pack of dogs
Unawares in my neighborhood, taking a jog
Just a little less scary, number four would be
Getting mauled by a single dog, don't you agree?
Number five is a fear I'm ashamed to say
But I wouldn't want to die if living's the better way

[Sev Statik]
I say the war isn't over yet 'til He crack the sky
Wants to roll over, anyway you know [?]
Tell me something, why you want to look to die?
Place no bets to the highest price [?]
An eye for an eye, right?
??????? swinging the harder, fast [?]
How long will the whole strength last?
We ain't out to gun it, it's home sweet home
I'ma be overground spitting these bones
Throw 'em high and keep ??????????????
?????????? harps you must sing the songs [?]
It's a blessed verse, I'm writing no more
I'll pray hard so know what fighting for
Get up

(Once I lived the life)
(A-at the funeral your m-moms p-p-praying)
(Once I lived the life)
(D-d-due to the fact that death is a must)
(Ashes to ashes and dust to dust)
(Hold on to it until the eagle grins)

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