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Album by Deep Purple.
  1. Speed King
  2. Bloodsucker
  3. Child in Time
  4. Flight of the Rat
  5. Into the Fire
  6. Living Wreck
  7. Hard Lovin' Man
Bonus tracks on 25th Aniversary Edition:
  1. Black Night (Original Single Version)
  2. Studio Chat
  3. Speed King (Piano Version)
  4. Studio Chat
  5. Cry Free (Roger Glover Remix)
  6. Studio Chat
  7. Jam Stew (Unreleased Instrumental)
  8. Studio Chat
  9. Flight of the Rat (Roger Glover Remix)
  10. Studio Chat
  11. Speed King (Roger Glover Remix)
  12. Studio Chat
  13. Black Night (Unedited Roger Glover Remix)
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Compilations: Singles A's And B's (1993)

Days May Come And Days May Go - The 1975 California Rehearsals (2000)

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