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This song is by Deep Blue Something and appears on the album Home (1995).

Take my head out of my hands,
I'll never go through this again.
I couldn't do it without my friends.
Get it out of me,

And I won't,
I won't
Sweat it.

"Jack Flo and Josey 19,
Come on in, I hope you're clean.
Do you know how to use this thing?"
I know, I know.

What do you want and where you go
And wherever you go, I'll go
We'll never let it come to this
This comforts me, 'cause I know
We can do most anything-
To this I toast and go home.
Don't ever let them pull me out
And I know I'm not alone.

So you think you can change my world,
And the thoughts of my little girl,
All of these thing are in my head,
And she says, she said. . .

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