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Portals To Canaan

This song is by Deeds Of Flesh and appears on the album Portals To Canaan (2013).

In the wake of the apocalypse
Humans pray to be saved
Prayers for a rapture from this dying world
Alien radiation
Poisons the planet with extreme gastric force
The demise of Earth is imminent

In time the troposphere screams
The polar ice caps melt at a rapid rate

With an injured sky
Solar flares lick the Earths' skin
Sinister intentions ignite
In the demented mind of the sun

Eternal flame seals the eyelids of the past
All historical and religious scriptures are now destroyed

Hatreds and prejudices towards one another, eliminated
With all technology annulled
Mankind is no longer distracted
They have become in tune with the soul
And the use of Virvum

With man's history unwritten
They stand united
Thinking as one
Channels of energy are now perceived
Flowing ever so vibrant
The caves assist in their inner findings
Mankind is stronger than ever before

Telepathic transmissions mold into fluent telepathy
Communication at its peak
From their eyes
Holograms are projected of visions wished to express
Energy architects concentrate Virvum
Creating micro portals leading to unknown worlds

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