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Pointless Child

This song is by DeeExpus and appears on the album Half Way Home (2008).

You can see me when you want to
Pick me up yet leave me down
Like a child I'll follow wherever you walk to
I'll be there when you're around

And the feeling that you left
Could have broken my heart
But the minute that you left proved me wrong
And the moments that elapsed
Saw my happiness part
Should have realized back then that you were gone

I could have tried a little harder
I could have stayed right at your feet
I should have maybe been a little stronger
But as I write I can only spell 'weak'

The lifetime that has passed
In a matter of days
With the promises of never-ending love
Like a tourniquet applied
To my still beating heart
No words but your silence said enough

You think you got me where you want
You got me what I need to get me's sanity
You think you'll have me where you want
To have me what you need
Is therapy

Cease playing with my brain, drained
Taken from me, gained, games
Won't participate again
Can only try so hard
Can't contemplate how far
You're taking heart apart, we are

Thought I got it right this time
Mind made and I
Distorted life was blind
Sight of hind kind be nice
If I could find rhyme of reason
Little pointless child

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