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King Of Number 33 (V - Neverending Elysium)

This song is by DeeExpus and appears on the album King Of Number 33 (2012).

The lines of trees pass his window
Paying homage as they wave
Ignores the taunting catcalls
From a blue capped, shell suit knave
He pretends to show his indifference
And displays a calming front
But plans on when the day comes
When he beheads the little...

Come, take a seat, ride within
Kneel at my feet, I'm your king

The shadows growing longer
As his counsel leaves for toil
He reaches for his banquet
Wrapped in regal silver foil
He's made this journey twice today
And still he's got four more
As he passes by his kingdom
Of cafes and discount stores

Blinkered haste drives the steeds
Endless routine, endless streets
Never ending elysium

Every moment the thrill and excitement increases
Innumerable field glasses, cameras and telescopes
Are focused on his majesty's procession
The moment the whole world has been watching and waiting for
The moment is here

Familiarity breeds contempt
He's no need to impress
He's master of his empire
The world is his empress
He doesn't have to follow
He doesn't have to try
Change his robes in his own time
Leave his demons where they lie

At his feet, banished sin
Free from restraints binding him
"I'm the king, I'm the king
I'm the king, I'm the king"

"I'm the king
Of everything that my tired eyes can see
I'll permit your ride, just one last time
And suggest you take your seat
I'm the king, I'm the king
I'm the king of everything"

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