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This song is by Dee and appears on the album Dee (2006).

Like a rolling stone
Today you're on your own
On the go till you run out of dough
Then you'll be back yes you'll be back

Knocking on my door
From the moon in the sun
Don't try to hide don't try to run
Too many humans with guns (shout)

Too many solutions not to work it out
Listen to your mind and it will tell you to go
Listen to your heart cause it just don't know
Listen to your mind cause it will tell you to go

Listen your heart cause it just don't know
I like the abuse
It gives me something to do
To complain in vain

You think I'm insane
Well I stay in my lane
So you don't have a clue
To what the world has come to

Let me tell you this
It ain't no secret
We have to come together
I got nothing loose

And still I refuse
To stand in line they'll be better time
I'll tell you all about it
One day when I drink my wine

I love the city at night
I got my own private flight
You can' see well maybe you're blind
The streets you walk on, this air

It's all mine

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