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​Untouchable/Out Of Reach

This song is by Ded Centre.

Sorry, you can't have this, it's not for sale,
Even though you want it more than anything
Sorry, you can't have her, she's not for you
It's out of reach, she's out of reach

Insignificance, I put the blame on me,
For everything that's happened, and is going to be
I just wish that you hear this song, somehow, some day
And think of how much pain you've caused me

Dreaming, I must be dreaming,
Pinch myself, just to make sure,
Nope, I'm awake, and a mess as ever
I sit disappointed at the thought of more

Paranoia, burns inside of me,
It makes me think, it makes me believe,
Of all the shit that some people say,
Like 'you'll live to love another day'

Insomnia, keeping me from escaping,
Breaking free, from this reality,
It's a wormhole, my portal to freedom,
From this charade, I have to leave them

Middle eight:

And when I look at myself in the broken glass,
I see myself, but of a lower class
This isn't me, its some wingless dove
The result of life, and the bitch called love