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Mental Restraints

This song is by Decrypt and appears on the album Holy Erotic Rapture (2002).

What is loyalty?
Is it determined by necessity?
Is the human mind geared for its own end?
This is inbred in us all

So fuck you fuck your new ideas
No one minds where you stole them from
Millions of people live their lives to plan
And in the process they add up to nothing
They are unable to please themselves
They will attempt to continue to do so
Frivolous attempts will not awaken them
Consideration wiped clean from their consciences

Knowledge isn't glamor
Isn't money isn't happiness
Bloodshed will only tighten the noose
Will man put aside his own priorities?
And focus on the good of the earth
The horizon is ominous
Doomed to fail
The answer lies behind the look in your eyes
We are all going to die
So realize
We are all going to die
So start something right now
There's nothing you can do about it
Born everyday again and again and again
Your potential lies in your hands
Live it in a hellish cycle
Ponder all the things you've done

Been content to wander the left path
You've never been in control of your life
You always try to run away
It's quite obvious you've already chose to die
Dive out of mindless light
I know all your servants
I spite them with my life
Thrown dying to sustain
Suicide lack of hope
Death before hypocrisy

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