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​Lost Cause

This song is by Decrypt and appears on the album Holy Erotic Rapture (2002).

Euphoria erodes away
Nighttime has ceased to show contrast from day
Happiness left behind
Locked away in a dark corner of my mind
Emotions are better left alone
When hope is awakened its hard to let it go
Alone, outcast from the world
Nowhere I feel at home
Alone, I don't want to think about you or myself anymore

The moon penetrates my skull
Cycles of thoughts in my head keep me enthralled,
Into the night, flashing shades of red
Interrupt my sight

Haunting thoughts of failure
Overcoming feelings of pleasure
Faith won't make it right
How could hell be any worse than my life?

Unclean, impure, unforgiven
Comfortable, alone and hidden
Nowhere I can go for help

I just want to leave this place
Regret a past I can't erase
There's no way I can change my fate
Forget the past and clean the slate

Progress is useless,
Feelings are useless...