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Fecal Matter Platter

This song is by Decrypt and appears on the album Holy Erotic Rapture (2002).

Kingdom cum you will be done
Your story ending
Long awaited
Your epitaph reads nothing
You are nameless, faceless
You are nothing
Deeply hated in your time
Pointless existence,
You will eat my shit
You are hated
Living in a world of shit you've created
You've given me so much bullshit
Now its time for me to return it
Fuck you
You're an asshole
Won't you
Suck my corn-hole
Your daily nutrients will come from my
I hope my feces satisfy
Fecal matter platter, you will dine
Bury you in shit

You are such a bastard
Your life's a fucking waste
Confine you in my basement
Shit I'll make you taste
Piss and shit laden vomit fill this place
It's smeared all over your face
You cannot escape the taste
Pubes stuck in your teeth
Smell like human queef
Baptized in my shit
Fecal crucifix
Chef's cooking up shit soup
Gallons of urine, pounds of poop
Mixed with a cup of puke
Sprinkled with my anal pubes
Ass connected to face with tubes
Make you take bong sized hits
Of my flatulence

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