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Armageddon = Satisfaction

This song is by Decrypt and appears on the album Holy Erotic Rapture (2002).

Throughout the course of time
Everything changed we blurred the lines
Standards set have met demise
Well laid plans fell by the wayside
We are thinking
Can't suppress individual instinct
Can't afford to have them thinking
Instill fear eternity of suffering
One mentality religious supremacy
Fulfill the basic need
Acceptance in this creed
Join up or you bleed
Deciding motive greed
But it's all falling apart
Corrupted from the start
Well never fall in line
As worthless fucking swine
Your minions loathe one another
They fight wars with each other
My mind rejects this mentality
I'd rather call it slavery
Crowd mind warped opinion
Rejected from when I was young
I learned at an early age
Everything I knew was fake

The plan's falling apart
Cash flow slowing down
No comfort anywhere
People have ceased to care

Tear down the world we know
Fuck it
It must all be destroyed
It must be done
I hate this cold hearted world
Maybe it's a lost cause
Too far gone
No love left in my body
Fuck it
Taken away with my hope
And my pride
No respect for your authority
I won't fight for the scraps
The end is near

Start over throwaway society
I can't feel the blood run through me
Hating all those who come in contact
Drop out of this useless affair

No man deserves power over all
Corrupts minds beyond understanding
Plants the seeds of eventual decay
Those same seeds we nurture today

If this is life blow me away
I want no part of the human race
We all finish last anyway
Why the fuck should we even play

Human loyalty worth less than a hooker
Friendship has no meaning now
The values failed to take
Your fucked up life your forced to fake

I feel no reason to continue inevitable downfall
Images on TV convince you all
Abandon your faith before it falls

And if you think you can turn it all around
You are sadly mistaken
Years of conformity has left your mind in ruin
Fuck you let them control you
Lured by products that you love

No pity for weak minded bastards
Single file apocalypse

I've seen the light when you die
You will not rise

I cannot define my zeitgeist

The time for you to die is right now
So why don't you do it get the fuck out of the way

The holy light is misguiding it leads you to demise

Disintegrating before its time
Masses waking from their
Slumber only to discover how
Frivolous and pointless their lives really were

Their trust was misplaced betrayed
By their leaders foolish actions
Trusting government and church hand in hand
Was even worse

I can feel no pity for those who lie down for them
Bred for profit fed the machine
But the squeaky wheel lost the grease
Stop and think starve off your inherited lust for material things

You served your purpose well you generated revenue

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