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Essence Of Creation

This song is by Decrepit Birth and appears on the album Diminishing Between Worlds (2008).

Awakened from the dream
Face to face with my livid memories
Breaching the fabric of the creation
I see the age less form before me
A reflection of myself
I see my eyes and in them

The orb of light
Where the three points collide
Worlds upon worlds multiply
(Within/outside) themselves
The point from which dimensions flow
Unity achieved through alchemy
Countless images of myself
Staring back (into/from in) my soul

Mind and soul merge
Evolve my conscious
Unity unparalleled through time
Through out all of the worlds I remain the chosen
I am the concept of god... creation
The light of deception is the nexus of time
The nexus of my creation
Eternal illusion
The gateway to the paradox... infinity
Evolved through imagination
I emerge
I emerge in my true form
Consciousness without self
Invoking life within
The portal of my dreams
I see the cycle
(I see/I am) the spectrum
(I see/I am) the circle unending
I am the light
The nexus
I am the though beyond (infinity/eternity)