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Leaves In The Autumn

This song is by Declan De Barra and appears on the album Song Of A Thousand Birds (2005).

I am the empty one,
The one who dies, the ones who lies
Where all have forgotten,
I am the sound that comes across the waves on a stormy day,
I am the one who falls as white as a blanket of snow outside your window,
And even though I'm a slave, my love for you remains
My blood for our freedom was not in vain...

I am the one who falls as leaves in the autumn,
Falls as rain upon your back when you walk through the hills,
I am the air, I am the water, and this you shall know...

I am but bones but I still love you,
Same as now, same as all before...

My love for you through the air is home,
I am not going down that hole no more,
I listen to no one,
I listen to no one,
I listen to none,
My blood for your sweet voice...