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Improv From 20,000 Feet

This song is by Declan De Barra and appears on the album Song Of A Thousand Birds (2005).

A body from 20 000 feet
Came screaming as the answer to the bloodiest of questions...
A burning ball of spit and piss
Vinegar seeping into the wound
In the cracks of diseased pits
What the hell is this?
That is the question
What the hell is this?
Heaven on earth, pain and hurt was the answer
So they filed up one by one, rank and file, name whole and number, assemblage of the nothing order...
Syncopated, head down, head up, white man's, head man's, pink man's cut...
Dirty and disgusting
Primed with workers grin
Coming home to families from the corpo-anus to the pit
Covered in the shite, infectiles run
The sprawling into daddys arms
Safe from mammys barfs
Safe from nothing and no one
Everyone's tattooed with harm,
And all in the name of sweet fuck all...
All in the name of sweet fuck all...

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