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This song is by Declan De Barra and appears on the album Song Of A Thousand Birds (2005).

I haven't enough to drink,
While you swim in your pools.
You tortured me for 22 days,
I had nothing to give them but my name...

Life stops at five,
Because we can't go outisde
Beneath the tables we all hide,
Will we make it out alive?

They closed my school today
So I picked up a book instead...
My friend he picked up a loaded rock
They killed him dead with just one shot...

Such a look of surprise,
In your lifeless eyes,
There's no human rights
Outside the camera's golden light...

My tears are weeping into your wounds
Another job in the ocean of the ruin
Shrapnel makes for a sickening necklace
Shining in the evening light
As both of ye fade...

Life stops at five,
Because we can't go outisde
I hope the morning arrives,
I hope the morning arrives...

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