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​What Reason

This song is by Deckard and appears on the album Stereodreamscene (2000).

Hold me 'cause this life is a dream
The worst nightmare there has ever been
Well the weather is appalling and my spirit guide is calling
And the bathroom is in need of a clean

Hold me will I ever be free
From this crippling anxiety
As I wait for it to finish it will slowly just diminish
Till it's good enough to leave me be

Hold me never let me go
There's a thousand things I want you to know
Hold me when confusion reigns
As it soaks me to the bone again

These feelings I'm feeling are here for one reason
What reason
Our reasons are the same

Hold me 'cause this life is a dream
The most beautiful emotive scene
And I couldn't help but laugh when you took the other half
Because you're punishing your self esteem

Hold me 'cause I'm asking you to
And it's not something I would normally do
If you need another reason it's 'cause summer is the season
That I make my annual pass at you.