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Remain This Way

This song is by Deckard and appears on the album Stereodreamscene (2000).

No regrets
No bitter sweet reflections to inject
No pain that wouldn't slowly fade away
So here I lay today beside you in a daze

No deep thought
No final words of wisdom for your ear
No woe that would not dry up with the fear
And when the cracks appear I'll fill you in

I wish it could remain this way
Come to me without delay

Leave them love me lay upon me
Lose your lonely ways for a fine few days
Our love will not die

No big sweat
I felt that it was deep within me yet
I cradled just a tiny flame of hope
It's easy now you know
You know it all

No depends
I need you to forget your feeble friends
We're stronger than most every one of them
So watch them as they bend and break too soon

I'm a gentle man these are gentle hands

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