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Penny, Look Down

This song is by Decibully.

Ooh... lazy bones
Lazy lovers and lovers of magic
All alone tonight
Because your women accepts every drink she is offered
That's why she kisses so dry
Because the wine absorbs the depths she swims in
My wife, my porcelin bride
Floats to the top of the hole in the ceiling

Penny, look down

We cried through candle light
Dinners and movies and uncaptured moments
I lied between each bite
"You cannot fill this heart with stale bread"

We stare off into the night
The future is dark when the sun isn't shining
The moon looks like a silver coin
It reminds me of work and all the money I'm spending

Who can put a price on
Wouldn't it be nice if
We just float away?

Penny, look down

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