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Shy Whisper (Farewell)

This song is by Deceptive and appears on the album Face In The Rays (1997).

Fly with me!
And I'll show you the truth.
Inside my reality within me
We shared in my youth.
A shy whisper fills in the universe.
You feel some strange emotion.
Now your eyes are closing.
Chaos spells your devotion.

Meet the weak consolation
And disappear.
The last dislocation
Of the planets...
Passing by the shining Pholmogout
And darkest Kastur.
I'll abandon these worlds without...
Pain. Oh! These old pains.

I'll die.
Die of the unhealing in a body's scars.
I'll fly.
Fly towards wandering stars.

Forgive people because they have lied so much.
Don't think about this.
Sooner or later existence ends,
That's the way, it must be.

Time is gone before it's begun.
And as the end draws so near.
Everything repeats from the beginning.
A shy whisper to absorb the universe.

So fly with me!
The shy whisper calls to me.
But you know it can't be done.
Why do you turn it to faith?

When faith has no meaning in life.
Bid farewell!
Now it's to late.
Infinity goes to the end

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