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Autumn Garden

This song is by Deceptive and appears on the album Face In The Rays (1997).

Take my arms.
The remains of your warmth
Will flow into me.
I'm taking your palms.
They are withered and lifeless
Like the falling foliage.

For last time
I will transfer you
To the neglected garden
Of the eternal autumn.

I came there not from blessed heaven.
I came from the cold plain.
Where the spheres of other universes unite.
There is the end power of your god.

I'm whispering you "goodbye".
I see how you cry.
The tears are turning to pearls
And rolling down along the bends
Of your marble face.

I was drained.
And he made you
Of my fatal flesh.

The mirror's splinters of delight
Mutilated your body.
If the god means love,
Then love means lie.

Now each day, now each night
Your face stays before my eyes.
I feel the poison of your heart
And I can't bear this silent cry.

He killed you
And destroyed my body.
But I'm so immortal
And so alone...

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