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This song is by December Wolves and appears on the album Blasterpiece Theatre (2002).

In control and why exist for this gut reaction? -
Unattraction... My post-primordial complex at 823x it's
Original dosage. Initials carved in my anxious palm, I fuck my
Way through Odysseus Psalm! Defiled in holy
Chambers... Horroscope hallucinogen. I would say "yes" to see
Profit from heaven run dry.
How can you keep from he who fingers the ultimate? Wait till
You see!...Kicking heels while heaven runs dry! Kolobok!...
I would say "yes" to see profit from streaming flaw. Just
Relax and take a deep breath. The conference begins...
A conference meaning a mutual bond between the selves - A
Master by theirs and his own advised hell.
Gut reaction - Unattraction! The problem is I grossly admire
An interest inhuman... You see, horrible habits die hard, and
I'm starting to feel like me again.