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Overdressed & Underpayed

This song is by December Waiting.

It seems I've let you down once again with all these selfish thoughts popping into my head
And all it takes is a bright light to show what's ahead
But all you need is a white knight to hold you instead
I'm downing this drink when I really should be sipping it
Trying not to think of how I am so down again
Your friends say 'Let him go' but I know that you won't leave me on my own

So for now I'll walk around and try to stop my pride from falling to the ground
I'm kind of asleep but I'm driving round the bend again
Trying to keep myself awake until the end
Watching TV alone and wondering why you still have not come home

So it's just another day with me
It's getting colder and hard to see
Where I am going and just how I am to get there without you
Cause up until now was nothing new
Now holding this candle I'm alone

Overdressed and underpayed is the way that I take each day and - falling on my face
A kind of mystique you have the way you twirl your hair
Keep it downbeat and in the end we will get there
And this mess that's my life goes from fairly average to a little bit nice

It's been a few weeks since you were here
I'm taking it easy: tread with fear
Keeping my eyes on what I see
Leaving behind all that once was
Waving goodbye to all because
Tomorrow's indeed another day

Tomorrow's on it's way

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