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​I Hope You Hate Me

This song is by December Waiting.

I hope you hate this song as much as I hate you
Because your words do nothing but sicken me
And I don't need another martyr telling me how sad they are
'Cause I put up with you for years too long

Rush the decision don't keep me waiting
'Cause you're not tired you're just screwed up
And I'll keep on telling you "Get over this" and then, "Get over us."
It's so long ago, but stays vivid

So now I'm sitting here sipping this cold coffee and thinking
I wonder what she's thinking now?

And I remember I really don't care at all
And my mind sails on to it's next port of call
Fight the memories with cold steel
But nothing can prevent them from entering my head

And each breath feels like a laborious task
And each movement shakes the earth.

So now I'm standing tall hands in pockets and thinking
I wonder what's next for us all?
And walking away seems likely but seems to
Be the hardest thing of all