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​Walk On

This song is by Deceit Taken.

Got my chin up high
Forgiving every lie
Nothing to gain in
Nothing to die it in
Walking every step
Don't care if I trip
Don't care if they spit
Don't care if they mock
Don't care of the clock
I'm just going to walk on

Walking on
I'm walking on
Don't care who watches
Don't care if the mock me
Don't care if they spirit at me
Don't care what happens
I'm walking on

This pace is mine
It's all I can define
That's all that's fine
Making steps on
Keep me going gone
Going in on
With no excuse
With no refuse
No laughing
I know what'll happen
With every man there clapping

~Going to stop (walk on)
~Going to (walk on)
~Forget on how
~Every walk on me has
~Every talk on me has
Every rhyme I have
Every time I have
Every time wave
Every time I save
Everything that goes
Everything it shows
Ill show that I'm Walking On