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​The Overtake

This song is by Deceit Taken.

Throw them up, then knock them down
Make them bleed till they fall down
Fuck the non-needed and haul them out
Beat so hard there bowing' down
Shit, this is such a shit sight, look at them in their plight
This is shit, fuck tonight, yeah that's the fight
Stick a shovel down their throat
I'll tell y'all when to lay it low; this is how we start the show
Were just getting started you know
Got you hopping' on every toe
Yeah, fuckin' final blow (bitch)

Watching the world spin and turn
Take them down then let them burn
Sick of all the anger inside
Beat them up and made 'them cry
Faked them out, fuck those guys
Take them out, and let them die! (Yeehaw)

What's that I hear?
The sound of fear
Shit, you're out of here!
Bitch you know what you need?
A set of some brand new knees
'Cause you're in so much fear
Your knees got tears
'Cause you're trembling' And Resembling
Petrifision, your teeth are shivering'
And your beer isn't even sizzling' (Bitch)

You can hide all you want
Ignore every single taunt we got
Yeah you can't handle shit so stop
Yeah this happens when you plan every plot
You got your guts in a knot
And you talk a lot; come on you can handle this, NOT!
The overtake is finally here
Pssh yeah ill kick your ass
Trying' to take me but I'm to fast
(The Overtake)
(Ha-ha) (yeah)