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​Still Staying Strong

This song is by Deceit Taken.

Fix my mic stand, I have a true story
Everything to lose for nothing to restore, we
Take from the rich and give to the poor, were
Nonstop until the pride pours free
Not giving because we can't lose anymore, we
Don't listen to the words of the president
Because he's the one that made the messes
For tragic days of over-money spent holler
To men and women who still might be young scholars
"Not another death not another dollar"
So stop the bull s___ and start signing the petitions
Sore hearts for the least of good conditions
And then bring the soldiers to a cease
Because "there's never been good war or bad peace"
For the souls in the breeze and the men without ease
We sit close to the TV Looking at those so lifeless
For the reason "War is expensive and peace is priceless"
The war is wrong and will never be in rightness
Cause of the b_____s laugh at our lifeless
War supporters who think it's in rightness
And these f_____s are hearing us
They think we are serious
"War is delightful for those who've not experienced it"
So f___ them I want to see it come better
Like to write a strong hearted letter
About people with lost heat in their sweaters
And the leader just mumbles out loud
Being a hypocrite, not tough or loud
Lying to everybody for so long
Saying "I'll bring them on!'
Things like this are so wrong in obvious ways
With the whole world laughing like "f___ what he says"

A-Men, A-Men, A-Men, A-Men

And the soldiers take action
For what they know might happen
I'm the only not laughing
'Cause its life that you're strapped in
Not the crap that you're trapped in
While lights are dim 'cause the soldiers blow into fractions
If people were forced to eat what they killed,
There would be no more citizens
And there's no more soldiers when
People start dissing them
And these f_____s don't know what anti's say
"Treat your neighbors as you in your self's ways"
My grandfather always had a saying
No matter how hard or harsh the night
Day will always come to sight
For, do you see? The soldiers that were out today
They shake the aches from all day wars away
It's ironic
The only time you remember withdraws
Is when they're already gone
But the soldiers are still living 'cause they're strong
Seconds to live and be sent to where they belong
There's always a life story of soldiers singing sad songs
Songs that say "Even the week can be strong"
Like every life goes along
Like how even god can't agree
Like how my father has a little red book to read
A self taught quote in it that says "Believe in me"
My brother had a life that you wouldn't define
A little less dead than the debt he signs
My grandmother told me story's to mind
Little brave soldiers with blaring bravery to blind
Strong hearted chests with nothing but pride inside
Along with others that have put aside their lives
Ones that knew they had to die
And they knew the cause and that makes us cry
'Cause you're stuffed with a life you should just push aside
And meanwhile
The leader just mumbles out loud
Lying to everybody for so long
Being a hypocrite, not safe
Saying that he's made NO mistakes
Things like this are so wrong in obvious ways
With the world both pissed and scared like "what did he say?"

A-Men, A-Men, A-Men, A-Men,
(A-Men, A-Men [Repeat until songs Finished])

We still stay strong with the men so brave
As the cold world puts us into its grave [x4]