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​Sonic Pressure

This song is by Deceit Taken.

I need to escape this place
The sonic pressure is carrying me away

Fought so many times that I couldn't even see
I messed up the Deceits that made me bleed
Sonic pressure knocked to the floor
I guess there just isn't a cure

Sonic pressure washing me away
Taking hours to heal myself today
Loving the key to where I come from
Sonic pressure taking everything away
Forced to this deceit but in the grey
To create a new for my life
Sonic pressure got to me without forcing a fight

Sonic Pressure!
Sonic Pressure!
Sonic PresSURE!

As numb as we can be!
It's like a dead pilot washing everything from me
Sonic Pressure blasting me to see
Blasting me away
Without a word to say
You can run
But you can't hide
No matter how hard you try