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Road To Remembrance

This song is by Deceit Taken.

What's this endless road beyond me?
It's another endless path I can't see
What's a new place where the free people flee?
It's the road to a place where people bend on one knee
Before the god of their life
Praying and praying for the hundredth time
Hoping everything will be alright
Stomping the grounds of that place where people pace
A new road to remember where it's safe

Tell me the road where it's alright
Where the road is to remember
And it's the place where I walk onto
There's no place like this to walk and hide
Tell me what the **** is it worth
To be in the other place on earth
Where nothing but you heart lurches
Tell me that place on earth

The place to be that path in down under,
Under the skin through the veins and in the Heart
It's the only place where things don't break apart
That's the Road to Remembrance
Where people have a second or third chance

Road to Remembrance
Nothing to regret and to find
Find yourself inside

Road to Remembrance

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