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​Forced To March

This song is by Deceit Taken.

(AJ Hums through the whole song)
Stop crying and knock of that sore cramp
I feel like I've been thrown of a poor ramp
The Days are cold and the nights are damp
Stuck in the place forced in this camp
Sitting by this fire that's not even warm
Along with soldiers who some don't have arms
Singing songs of home the place to be
Sleep 2 hours a night and get up at 3:00
Praying and praying for everything to be ok
Hoping that they keep there life and stay that day
Then it happens all over again
**** That I want to say something
Throw down your bags and raise your fist in the air
Because all this we do isn't what we prepare
Standing in the damp air
Like this isn't fair
Turn around and head to the beaches
Force our way so they can't see us
Forget them because they can't reach us
Hope you're under the man Jesus
**** The war and all who it pleases
Aren't the people we sacrificed enough?
Looking back at the enemy they think its fun
Well **** them and all their whelps
Help you, men, and friends up forget what they felt
Because when this starts your not by your self
People think their doing good for everyone
How does that explain crying and yelling when you leave home
Walking into those shadows in the brave and so
Stop your shoving and break up the No
Throw it in the Ocean
Poor it in the torn blankets
And show how this is just sad
Because being forced to March is just as bad
Those things you dream of like going home never came so true
As its 2007 and the wars been on just one year before 2002
This is the point Marching soldiers in the black and gray
And being forced to march that Day
**** That I is going to do things my way
And with that is all I've got to say